Okay, class. If you’ve ever wanted to sound off about the types of topics or issues you’d like to see more of on Conservelocity, here’s your chance.

For a limited time only and for a low, low bargain basement price (zip), Conservelocity is running a Reader’s Survey. And it’s so easy, even a lib can play. All you have to do is scroll down to the poll below, mark your choice(s) and hit enter. You may make up to three selections, but you may only vote once. (No cheating. This is a DemoLib-free poll.) Results will be posted whenever I get around to it. Probably next week.

One other thing: When casting your vote(s), please keep in mind that I do have a day job, so those “fact-finding” junkets to Bora-Bora or Timbuktu will have to wait. Ditto the post equivalent of War and Peace. Also, your story ideas and tips are always welcome. Send them to:

One other, other thing: We’re considering making Friday Fun a regular feature. Depends on what else is happening in the Breaking News department. Whaddya think?

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