It’s January. It’s cold. It’s wet. It’s one dark and stormy night after another. And you’re bored to death. What do you do? You head out to the beach for the 2015 Roanoke Conference. Duh.

Held the last weekend in January in Ocean Shores, Washington, the Roanoke Conference is where Washington State Republicans and Conservatives gather to dialogue, debate and interact with “elected officials, prominent political thinks and grassroots activists.” The three-day conference features “lively political debate, networking, and information for those who want to get involved in local, regional or state politics” and is “committed to the core principles of the free market, limited government, individual liberty and personal responsibility.”

Tip: If you’re not into any of that, show up for Saturday night’s dinner and Political Science Theater 3000, Version 6.0. It’s just fun.

Past speakers/presenters include former White House Press Secretary Dana Perino, FOX News contributor and Weekly Standard columnist Stephen Hayes, former Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna, and Representatives Jamie Herrera and Dave Reichert. Also state legislators and a bunch of people I can’t remember. Ditto lots of “regular folks” who apparently enjoy a really cold Washington beach in January. Besides. Yours truly and The Big Guy plan to attend. What more could you want? 🙂

And So...

The conference opens with a Friday night mixer on January 23, includes continental breakfasts on Saturday and Sunday, Saturday lunch, cocktail reception and dinner. It winds down around noon on Sunday. Did I mention Political Science Theater 3000? Last year’s costs were: $100 pp through November 30. It goes up to $135 pp after that. $160 pp at the door. If they ever get the registration page up and running (I’m writing this in October), you can register on-line here.

See you at the beach! Mom tip: bring a jacket.


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NOTE: As of yesterday, November 16, on-line registration was not yet available. Maybe they’re waiting for Christmas?