Commissioner-Elect Raines on Committee Assignments

Vickie Raines

You gotta get up pretty early in the morning to try and put one over on Vickie Raines. Like probably the 12th of Never.  ‘Cause the Commissioner-Elect is one sharp cookie.

Yesterday’s afternoon post noted that Raines politely objected to the placement of Commissioner Board/Committee Representations for 2015 on Monday’s morning meeting agenda. She voiced concern that assignments were being made for 2015 without being afforded the opportunity to weigh in, particularly as it relates to the Flood Authority.  Raines reiterated her concerns in a phone call to KBKW this morning, saying that she’ been asked to and is willing to stay on as Chair of the Flood Authority. As noted yesterday, Commissioners Cormier, Welch and Gordon agreed to revisit the matter at next Monday’s meeting.

This could get interesting. Stay tuned.



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