POLL Results (Sort Of)


You guys are interesting. (You can take that any way you want.) Our 100% UNscientific poll of last Friday, Talk Back, asked what topics and issues interest you most.

And you were all over the place. (You can take that anyway you want, again. I personally recommend taking most anything with white chocolate raspberry cheesecake and double hot fudge. But that’s another story…)

Anyway, initial results – within 36 hours – had Club Chihuahua, Candidates/Elections-Grays Harbor, Candidates/Elections-State, Local Political Parties and 2A Issues leading the pack.

A day later, the biggest vote getter was 2AIssues. This was followed by (in order):

  1. Club Chihuahua
  2. Pro-Life Issues
  3. Local Political Parties

Then it was an even split between:

  • Candidates/Elections-Grays Harbor
  • Candidates/Elections-State
  • Religious Freedom Issues
  • WSRP.

I’m dying to know what tomorrow looks like. Aren’t you? 🙂

Speaking of “all over the place,” you should see what we’re cookin’ up for this week’s Friday Fun. But you’ll just have to wait. So kindly keep your shirt on. And stay tuned.

Meanwhile, you can always reach me at: Conservelocity@gmail.com. Sometimes I even respond. 🙂


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