12 MORE Good Things About Grays Harbor – Big Guy Version

You know that old saying, “Curiosity killed the cat?” The other day I asked The Big Guy what tops his list of What’s Good in Grays Harbor. Here’s his short list.

  1. Grays Harbor Rifle & Pistol Club.
  2. Bottle Beach State Park. 420 WA-105, Westport. Great birding. Lightly traveled. Miles of open beach. Watch out for mosquitoes. In season, they’re as big as Hueys.
  3. Cross-country meets. So much more fun in a bone-crushing downpour.
  4. New York steak at The Salmon House with my sweetie. On the south shore of Lake Quinault.
  5. Coastal Interpretive Center. 1033 Catala Avenue S.E.,
    Ocean Shores.
  6. Westhaven State Park, Westport. About 80 acres. Includes about 1,200 feet of ocean frontage. Sand dunes and rock jetty. Walk the  boardwalk to Westport Light State Park, about 1.3 miles away. Easy leg-stretcher.
  7. Humdinger’s. 104 Lincoln Street, Hoquiam. Deluxe cheeseburger. No sauce. The best onion rings in town. No outside seating, but who cares?
  8. Roanoke Conference, Ocean Shores. Last weekend in January. For political junkies who love hanging out at the beach in the dead of winter.
  9. Hoquiam VFW.
  10. 28th Street Landing. Shore birds, river otter, raptors, seals, ducks, loons, mergansers, great blue herons. Busy site when the salmon are running. Quiet when they’re not.
  11. Westport. You can see Tokyo from the top of the viewing tower on a clear day (you have to squint really hard).
  12. I’m sitting next to her. (“The details are none of your business.”)

Meow. Meow.



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