City of Montesano Exceeds Demands, Gets “Advanced” Interpreter

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For all the sweet li’l darlin’s who’ve been howling about how those Big Meanies at Montesano City Hall have allegedly been remiss in their duties in complying with A.D.A. rules in order to accommodate deaf Council Member Marisa Salzer: Not so fast.

Conservelocity has learned that said Meanies have secured the services of an interpreter from Olympia who not only meets but exceeds Salzer’s demands.

That’s right. Mr. Michael Kosanovich is not only a certified ASL interpreter, he has an NAD IV rating from the National Association of Interpreters for the Deaf. That means he’s not just competent, but “Advanced.” An interpreter suggested by Salzer and formally used by the city, Brenda House of Elma, is an NAD III. House has since resigned, according to City Administrator Kristy Powell.

Don’t look now, but it almost sounds like some genuine accommodatin’ may be goin’ on here, possibly above and beyond the call of duty.

Doubtless city hall’s not expecting any Purple Hearts, but a few kudos might be nice. For a change. Cheer up, sleepy Jean…


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