A Thanksgiving Post You’ll Never See Anywhere Else ( Honest)

I’ll bet you’re wondering why I’m posting about a Best Picture nominee adapted from an 1811 Jane Austen novel. On Thanksgiving.  I’m kind of wondering that myself. If you have any ideas, now would be good.

Hark! Methinks I heareth an idea approacheth. So kindly pipe down. Or you’ll scare her away.

Ready? Okay. Here it is: This holiday season, one motion picture will bring you all the surprises that life and love can offer. (Lest the testosterone brigade protesteth, keep in mind that Sense and Sensibility was nominated for seven Academy Awards, including Best Picture. It won for Best Screenplay, swept the Ten Best lists and won the Golden Globe Award for Best Picture – Drama.  It’s also a Big Guy fave. So there!)

Sense and Sensibility has it all:

  • Beauty
  • Family
  • Loyalty
  • Trust
  • Perseverance
  • Grace
  • Faith, Hope, and Love
  • Honest and Integrity in difficult circumstances
  • A Happy Ending
  • “Truth, Justice, and the American Way.” (Not really. I just made that last one up. But you get the idea.)

Doesn’t this pretty much cover the thanks-giving waterfront?

So. Run, little idea, run. Carry thy sweet Sense and Sensibility message of Faith, Hope and Joy to Thanksgiving revelers everywhere!

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!