‘Uneasy Lies The Head That Wears A Monte Crown’?

I was wrong. Yes friends, “Prince Valiant” is misnamed. Our fair prince rates a more appropriate nom de guerre: Prince Charming. Like this:

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More charm:

Steven Friederich commented on The Other Side of Montesano ‘Discrepancy’ – or – Where’s Inigo Montoya When We Need Him?

Remember that October 23 Vidette editorial, Why does Montesano have a discrepancy in responding to record requests? (Posted …

Why would I respond to your fluffy Q&A about my future plans when you printed information on my resignation without ever contacting me to begin with? Why would I trust that you would get anything right when you have consistently gotten things wrong?


That softball Q and A too tough? Someone miss his nap? We don’t usually devote an entire post to a comment, but this one was so good, we’re making an exception. P.C.’s comment continues:

The mayor, just today (December 1) in an email to me, told me that he had “encouraged (me) to drop the (column)” However, “your publisher had already rejected it as it was way too long.” So, I guess he’s telling us different facts?

Charming left out a few parts. But what else is new?

Ken's Response

I offered to print something at 1,600 words or less (more than the 500 words suggested by the interim publisher) — but the mayor declined to go that route at the time, deciding, “Article had already been rejected. (I) was leaving. Words you had written had been said and I could not see the reason to continue the debate.” If the suggestion had been made to cut the column in two, I would have gone that route for sure. No suggestion was made.

Quondo Omni Flunkus Mortati? (When all else fails, play dead?)

On my last few days, I offered again to the mayor to print something. He came to me, shook my hand and said that the city attorney had drafted the response without his permission and the city attorney didn’t speak for him. Ken considered doing a shorter letter himself, but then decided against it.

The mayor, today, says that he is now re-considering the offer to do some kind of letter response to the column, which came about AFTER I had already left the paper.

He adds that he thinks YOU were aware of the fact. And yet you left all those details out to try and make it look like it was my decision not to run the column. Do a records request to get the email 🙂

You have created a controversy where none exists.

Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown?

So, let’s get this straight. First Prince Charming says “the mayor killed it” (the response from City Attorney Dan Glenn to P.C.’s October 23 editorial). Doubtless mayors nationwide would love to know how that works. Then the mayor “encouraged” the column to be dropped and The Vidette, always bowing to city hall’s wishes, genuflected yet again? Then the mayor “declined to go that route”? Then it’s the publisher’s fault? Then the city attorney? Then an editor doesn’t run anything unless someone else suggests it?

Dizzy yet?

As for Klinger’s letter, why didn’t you do a records request directly to Marisa like the city MADE me do to Klinger, himself? Why did the city treat you differently?

Since when can a city “make” (made) a member of a free and independent press do anything? As for the rest, did someone miss The Famous Glenn Letter? Cuz this li’l puppy’s already been answered.

And why or HOW did the city administrator LOSE the letter Klinger provided the city to give to me? Remember, he had the letter. He gave it to Kristy and she LOST IT and never told me she lost it until Klinger’s last council meeting when I asked her about it. And I NEVER told her I would get it from the union. She asked me if I could. I NEVER replied to her that I would. You say you have an email that says I would get it from the union. Prove it. Post it.


SF Reqst

KP Response

Why should it be my duty to find an alternative source to get a public record that should have been retained by the city to begin with?

If it was that important, why not? (Also addressed in The Famous Glenn Letter.)

Just for Fun:

  • Ever notice how anyone and everyone who dares to disagree with our fair prince on most anything, anywhere, ever, is always wrong?
  • Aren’t there two sides to every story (unless one resides in the Land of Prince Charming and Pravda)?
  • Interesting, isn’t it, to see how The Omniscient, Infallible One reacts when challenged?
  • Does that crown ever get a little heavy?
  • Someone need a hug?

True Colors?

Incidentally, peeps, Conservelocity has received princely input on this thread that repeatedly violates our Comment Policy. We’ve cut it some slack, considering the source. Although said comments may bring home the Academy Award for Best Invective, they serve little useful purpose other than revealing the commenter’s true colors. Unless, of course, someone wants to live stream the stuff from Possum Lodge. On second thought, said input may explain quite a bit, especially given the level of personal animus, malice and disdain evidenced toward Montesano City Hall. Think Vesuvius.

It’s bizarre. It’s unreal. It’s…. cue Inigo.

There’s still a right way and a wrong way, and attitude is everything. Especially when it’s Charming to the last.