Who Are the ‘Craziest Politicians’ of 2014?

They're kidding, right?
They’re kidding, right?

Okay, class.  If you’ve been wondering who tops this year’s political Naughty and Nice List, wonder no more. Gentleman’s Quarterly, that powerhouse of political sagacity, has compiled a list of the 20 “craziest politicians” of 2014. You won’t believe who made the cut and who didn’t. Or maybe you will. (Not a smidge of left-wing bias here, folks! No siree, Bob!  At least they got Sheila Jackson Lee right.)

Proving yet again that Gentleman’s Quarterly is as irrelevant as a serious news outlet as it is a men’s fashion and style magazine (which is an oxy-moron to begin with, but let’s not go there), here’s the list, along with more sizzling commentary:

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