Commissioner Cormier Proposes Fee Waivers to Help Flood Victims

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Remember when some of Grays Harbor looked like this? (You probably do if you live in Hoquiam or Aberdeen.) County Commissioner Wes Cormier hasn’t forgotten. If you’re among those affected by Noahic floods that shellacked the region in early January, Commissioner Cormier is working on a proposal to stanch the flow of red ink and help tape your wallet.

The commish recently proposed that all fees be waived for people in counties that were proclaimed disaster areas as a result of recent storms and flooding. Designed to assist those hit hard by recent weather, Cormier’s proposal was passed unanimously at the  January 14 meeting of the Olympic Regional Clean Air Agency (ORCAA) in Olympia. Cormier is an ORCAA committee member.

“I wanted to give as much relief as possible to those affected by the flooding and landslides.”

– Commissioner Wes Cormier

Wes CormierCommissioner Wes Cormier will present a similar county policy at a Special Meeting this week.  A policy is in the works to waive fees for permits in the Planning, Building, Roads/Engineering and Environmental Health Departments in a four-month window to help those affected by the disaster.

“I already have a policy in the works. I am going to set up a special meeting early (this) week and try to get it approved by my fellow commissioners,” said Cormier.

ORCAA’s mission is to promote air quality and take actions to protect the health and welfare of people and the natural environment. Its jurisdiction includes Clallam, Grays Harbor, Jefferson, Mason, Pacific, and Thurston Counties. Last week Governor Inslee issued a Declaration of Emergency for nine counties due to recent storms and flooding, including Grays Harbor. The Grays Harbor Board of Commissioners declared a local state of emergency on January 6 due to excessive rainfall, flooding and landslides in the county.

Commissioner Cormier represents District 1, which includes Montesano, Elma, McCleary and Oakville.

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Commissioner Cormier issued the following on January 22:

CORRECTION: I wanted to address a mistake that I made regarding ORCAA waiving permit fees. There was a proposal to bring forth language to waive fees and it passed unanimously. However, fees will not be waived until the language is voted on and approved. I have confirmed that a draft proposal will be presented at our February meeting. I apologize for any confusion.