What’s French for “Moron”?

So President Obama calls for civility in last night’s “turn the page” address, then taunts Republicans over his two wins. Is he taking a page out of John Kerry’s playbook?

After President AWOL’s sterling performance as President AWOL during the Paris march against terrorism, John Kerry trots across the pond and Makes. It. Worse. The cringe-worthy foreign policy faux pas looked like:

What is this, Amateur Night at the Bijou?

Remember when America had a foreign policy that looked like…  When you’re down and troubled and you need some lovin’ care? How ’bout Just close your eyes and think of me? Winter, spring, summer or fall group hug therapy? Ain’t it great to know you’ve got a friend… who’s a patronizing idiot?

How ’bout this for a coherent foreign policy, a la The Ronaldus:

We win. They lose.

Flip side: At least we know how to say “moron” in French: Jean Kerrier.




Photo credit: Daled Amos


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