Response Round-Up: Washington’s Electeds Weigh In On SOTU

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It’s official. From Derek Kilmer to Gov. Outsee to Patty Murky and Maria Can’tWell, Washington’s blue electeds are either all properly teleprompter-trained or suffering from a deplorable lack of imagination. Just check their responses to Tuesday’s Comrade Obama Reads Teleprompter for 6th Time speech.

Rep. Derek Kilmer (D, 6th C.D.) issued a statement that included sagacious gems like:

Overall, we are creating new jobs and our unemployment rate is falling. Now we can do more to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to enter the middle-class, and that families still feeling squeezed find ways to get ahead… The President also called for Congress to come together so we can keep the good economic news coming.

 Gov. lost and spaced Jay’s (D) 97-word statement included:

The first requirement for progress in a divided government is a willingness to work together. In order to move forward it is incumbent on all elected leaders to offer solutions to the challenges we face.”

Bright side: Any time the guv keeps a statement under 100 words is a good time.

In a statement that was about twice as long and half as lucid as it could’ve been – but what else is new? – Patty Murky (D) praised an Obama agenda that puts “well-paying middle class jobs first” while decrying more Republican “gridlock and dsyfunction.”

Where has she been for the last six years? Oh, never mind.

Maria Can’tWell (D) trotted out the “free” community college, economic wreckovery tune, including:

We must work across party lines to strengthen the middle class through investments in workforce training, more affordable higher education, and a focus on manufacturing jobs.

Rep. Jamie Herrera Butler issued a statement that can best be described as “milquetoast.” Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers was a little more fiery.

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Not to be outdone, DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Shultz chimed in with this in a January 21 email:

The President’s policy proposals continue to represent our progressive aims and ideals — but with so much opposition from the Republican majority in Congress, our success will depend on the support of people like you.

(P.S.: Send $$$.)

Yo, Deb. Get many visitors that far from Planet Earth?

For a clear-headed, take-no-prisoners response that actually makes sense, see: BOOM! Trey Gowdy on SOTU.



Source: Kitsap Sun Puget Sound Blogs