25 Things To Do Instead of Watching The Super Bowl

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Dontcha just love Super Bowl Sunday? The open highways. The vacant parking lots. The deserted trails.

A little secret: I’m not watching. Cuz I really don’t care. If Hawks vs. Patriots is your cup of sunshine, fine. I just prefer other beverages. Like: It’s a game, for cryin’ out loud. Get a grip, peeps.

So if you’re the other person in America who’s not tuning in today, here are 25 things you can do with that wide expanse of luscious free time called Not Watching the Super Bowl:

  1. Read something. Like a book. Need some ideas? Check out our book shelf.
  2. Call your Mom. Or your Dad. Or your brother or sister. Aunt, uncle, grandparents, cousins, kids, grands…
  3. Make good on that New Year’s resolution and get some exercise. (Parking your keyster on the couch and doing 12-oz. curls doesn’t count.)
  4. Celebrate your Super Bowl-free Sunday and throw an ‘un-football’ party.
  5. Dust off those old videotapes and dig up the DVDs of your favorite TV shows or old movies. Watch them all in consecutive chrono order. Whip up some munchies. Invite some friends. See #4.
  6. Read aloud to the kids. Or the dog.
  7. Treat your sweetheart to an entire Sunday of your undivided attention. Go out to brunch or lunch without rushing back for the game. Take a walk. Hold hands. Watch the sun set.
  8. Hike. Anywhere. If it’s raining, pretend you’re Gene Kelly.
  9. Try a new recipe.
  10. Find a new recipe.
  11. If you live where there’s snow on the ground, make good on that rip-roarin’ snowball fight you’ve been promising the kids or the grands since the 12th of Never.
  12. Take a nap.
  13. Put on some music. Dance. Nobody’s watching. They’re all glued to the TV.
  14. Put on some music. Sing. Nobody’s listening. They’re all glued to the game. (Tip: Andrea Bocelli. If your Italian’s a little rusty, see #15.)
  15. Start learning a new language.
  16. Plant a garden/get ready to plant a garden/locate a trowel.
  17. Change the oil in your vehicle. Even better, offer to change the oil in your neighbor’s vehicle.
  18. Find your neighbor.
  19. Meet your neighbor.
  20. Find out what ‘Quondo Omni Flunkus Mortati’ means – and do it.
  21. Watch the Red Green Show.
  22. Be kind to a total stranger.
  23. Clean out your closet.
  24. Start working on the next Great American Novel.
  25. Buy stock in Ghiradelli’s and get busy. You know who you are.

You can do this. You can plow your own road. Be your own person. Flex those ‘independent muscles.’ You don’t have to watch football today just because everyone else is.  Spend this afternoon doing something that matters. Besides, what’s more fun than watching diehard Super Bowlsters react when you smile sweetly and chirp, “Oh, is that today?

Who’s with me?

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2 thoughts on “25 Things To Do Instead of Watching The Super Bowl

  1. Forget all this stuff and watch the game. Including the 6 hours of pregame coverage. It is the AMERICAN thing to do. GO HAWKS!!


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