County Votes to Rescind E-Verify Resolution

Cnty Admibn

The Grays Harbor Board of Commissioners voted to rescind a resolution related to the federal E-verify program at this afternoon’s meeting.

Passed on December 15, 2014, Grays Harbor County Resolution No. 2014-134 required “all new county employees and county contractors and subcontractors to use the federal E-verify program to verify each employed is legally authorized to be employed in the United States.” Commissioner Wes Cormier and former Commissioner Herb Welch signed on in December; Commissioner Frank Gordon opposed.

Reso 1

Reso 2

The resolution was rescinded at the afternoon meeting by unanimous vote. Commissioner Raines noted that the original resolution was implemented “primarily for the process of tracking employees hired by contractors for salal picking” and E-verify does not apply to those people because they are hired by a private contractor(s), not the county. Costs to the county to implement were also cited. The resolution to rescind says the prior resolution’s requirements do “not meet the current needs or goals of the County, and that such requirement should be rescinded.”


Commissioner Gordon made the motion to rescind. It was seconded by Commissioner Raines and passed on a 3 to 0 vote.

The meeting lasted eight minutes, was recessed, then moved into executive session in another conference room.

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