Mitt’s Out, Now What?

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The big news in politics last week was the Mittster’s announcement that he won’t seek the presidency in 2016. Like Romney or not, you gotta give the guy credit. That kind of magnanimity and sagacity is pretty rare.

So what’s next?

Friday’s announcement opens a whole buffet of interesting options and opportunities. What do you think of this “menu”?

Vice President of the United States: Marco Rubio or Tim Scott

Secretary of State: Newt!

Secretary of Defense: Ollie North (duh)

Department of the Treasury: Someone who’s read and understands Free to Choose

Department of Justice: Trey Gowdy

Department of the Interior: Kim Wyman

Department of Agriculture: Almost any Midwest farmer who’s made a go of it.

Department of Commerce: Mia Love

Department of Labor: Nikki Haley

Department of Health and Human Services: Dr. Ben Carson

Department of Housing and Urban Development: Really?

Department of Transportation: Hmmm…

Department of Energy: “Gone with the wind.” All $ and responsibilities returned to the several states.

Department of Education: Doneski at the federal level. All decisions and policy regarding education shall be returned to the local level and determined by parents and the local school district.

Department of Veterans Affairs: Any USMC Sergeant Major worth his stripes.

Department of Homeland Security: Chuck Norris



White House Chief of Staff: Condoleezza Rice

White House Press Secretary: Dinesh D’Souza (close second: Greg Gutfeld)

Senate Majority Leader: Ted Cruz

Speaker of the House: Susana Martinez

Environmental Protection Agency: Pam Bondi

Office of Management & Budget: Paul Ryan

United States Mission to the United Nations: John Bolton

Council of Economic Advisers: Jan Brewer

Small Business Administration: Star Parker

Official White House Doggie Walker: Harry Reid

“Hey, wait a minute,” you say. “What about president?” Glad you asked. How ‘bout: