7 Things You Need to Know About ‘American Sniper’

Chris Kyle – January 2012

So I said, “The day I agree to see American Sniper is the day you can slap a hockey puck around super-heated subterranean regions.”

The movie has generated all kinds of buzz from both the left and the right.  I don’t care. I don’t usually do R-rated movies, regardless of buzz. Frankly, I don’t see the point in shelling out $7.50+ a pop to be pelted by offensive content every two minutes. I’m just funny that way. (I make rare exceptions based on artistic merit. Think snow ball’s chance in… well. You know.)

But the Big Guy wanted to see the latest Eastwood biopic. I kinda figured that anything that ticks off a socialist using capitalism to promote socialism (hi, Michael Moore) might be worth the price of admission. So I ‘grabbed my stick’ and gingerly acquiesced. And that’s how I wound up watching a second theatrical movie in less than a week. (A new world record.)

So, what about American Sniper? Here’s my four-word review: It’s a Guy Movie. One of us liked it. The other, not so much.

That said, here are seven things you may want to know about American Sniper:

  1. It’s a powerful, intense story.
  2. Bradley Cooper turned in a sterling performance as Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle.
  3. Evil exists – and “wishing it into the cornfield” is naive and dangerous (hi, Barack & Co.).
  4. Chris Kyle was very, very good at his job.
  5. God only knows how many U.S. service members are alive today because Kyle was ‘on over-watch.’
  6. American Sniper is currently the highest-grossing war film in North America, the tenth highest-grossing film of 2014 in North America and the 30th highest-grossing film of 2014 worldwide. It’s also Eastwood’s most successful film to date.
  7. The Left’s reaction to this film shows yet again just how out of touch Lefties are with most thinking Americans. So what else is new?

It seems that while most Americans prefer crusaders for freedom like Chris Kyle, Obama prefers jihadis like Bowe Bergdahl.

Why? Because American Sniper puts a bullet through the head of modern liberalism by exposing the true evil of radical Islam and the role that America plays in keeping the world safe from it. Obama is rightly terrified of movies like American Sniper and my America film that show the impotency of his policies.

– Dinesh D’Souza

Anyway, CT Rex posted a more detailed review at BuzzPo. Here ya go: Hit or Miss? ‘American Sniper’ Review. Key sentence:

It’s just trying to show us the life of a man who sought to protect people, especially his fellow soldiers, against people who are/were, believe it or not, as evil as they are portrayed, and how carrying that burden affected him and his family.

If you’ve seen the movie, what did you think?



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  1. Well written! Love it! Makes me want to see it. I like some “Guy” movies and due to my service I am bound to see it and where my passion for some “Guy Type” movies comes from as long as they are balanced out with the more Girly type movies!


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