“National Security Strategy” In 4 Little Words

Susan Rice

National Security Advisor Susan Rice unveiled another top ten hit on the Most Inane Non-Strategy Ever charts at the Brookings Institution on Friday.  Outlining the White House’s “National Security Strategy,” Rice dubbed the latest version of let’s-hold-hands-around-the-campfire-and-sing-Kum-Ba-Ya, Strategic Patience.”

Seriously?  The latest White House “strategy” in confronting national security threats and murderous barbarians like ISIS/ISIL  is a Fred Rogers knock-off? And these people get paid to come up with this stuff?

In theory, the National Security Strategy charts the course for the administration and supposedly communicates American intent to the public, lawmakers, and the rest of the world. In practice, the latest round of leading from behind looks and sounds an awful lot like:

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Photo credit: public domain