Black 12 Year Old Delivers Epic Obama Smackdown

Meet C.J. Pearson, a Georgia middle schooler with more spine and sense than the whole State Department and the Obama administration combined.

While the lamestream media has been having a field day with former NYC Mayor Rudy Guliani’s remarks regarding Obama’s love or lack of same for America, this gutsy 12 year-old tells it like it is. Pearson not only answered the question eloquently and articulately, he had some choice words for the Commander in Thief, too.

Pearson posted a video to YouTube over the weekend. It’s called President Obama: Do You Really Love America? It needs to go viral. As in, seriously viral. If you don’t catch anything else today, listen to Pearson take the president to task here:

Find out more about C.J. Pearson here.

In the meantime, are there any openings in the State Department?



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