Monte Constituent Hangs Rep. Kilmer Out to Dry

God bless Congressman Derek Kilmer (D-WAffle). He works so hard at… something.

Earlier this week the good Congressman sent out an email newsletter to constituents. It was titled, A Government That Works For You. (Picked yourself up off the floor yet?) That’s right. More than 1,150 words telling us what a great bipartisan gamesman he is. Like:

But there is one thing we should all agree on – our democracy was created to serve the American people – to work on behalf of “we the people.” 

Too often these days, that’s harder for folks to see. Too often what comes to mind when you think of Congress is pointed fingers rather than shaking hands – partisanship rather than progress. I’m certainly trying to do all I can to make sure our government works for you. It’s what keeps me motivated and not shaking my fist at the sky. 

I’m not making this up. It goes on like this for almost 1,000 more words. Yea, verily. How one representative can take so much space to say so little is the stuff of legend.

Montesano resident Emery Haggin is quick on the draw. He shot back a pithy response that hit the nail right on the head. And saved the Congressman’s staff about 1,100 words:

Dear Congressman Kilmer,

 If you are so hot for non-partisanship, why do you vote the straight party line on every issue?

 Talking the talk is easy. I’d like to see you walk the walk for a change. For instance, Keystone Pipeline. The American public isheavily in favor of the pipeline. Will you be voting to override the presdient’s veto?

If Obama can make law without Congress, why do we need you? Example: Immigration bill.

Emery Haggin

Emery says he’ll let us know if/when he receive a response. Don’t hold your breath.




Photo credit: Public domain