Montesano Marisa: ‘Mirror, Mirror On The Wall…’

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In case ya missed it, here’s the link to the video of yesterday’s KIRO 7 story regarding the March 10, 2015 resignation of Montesano Council Member Marisa Salzer:

Deaf Councilwoman Resigning: ‘I can no longer tolerate the unfair working conditions’

A few observations:

Isn’t “fairness” is a two-way street?  Contrary to what Club Chihuaua & Co. yap about, “fairness” isn’t a Salzer exclusive. Club Chihuahua doesn’t have a corner on that market. The city and city officials deserve fair treatment as well.  In fact, if there’s any entity that has the right to caterwaul about being treated “unfairly,” it’s the City of Montesano. Incidentally, Monte residents should be proud that their city officials have responded graciously and with dignity throughout the Bow Wow mudfest, in spite of the conspicuous absence of both from them sweet li’l darlin’s at Club Chihuaua.

And while the city bent over backwards time and time again trying to accommodate Salzer’s endless demands –  going through six interpreters before they found one she approved of” – Salzer always managed to find something to complain about.  And never missed an opportunity to “educate” them poor dumb yahoos over at city hall.

Like that’s not patronizing or anything.

Inquiring minds want to know: Was this really about “accommodations,” or something else? Paint, anyone? Pulitzer Prize wannabes?

The KIRO report says: “She (Salzer) was using both her city email and her personal private email interchangeably,” said (Montesano Mayor) Estes. Under state law that makes the private emails public record.”

Newsflash: That also makes them discoverable under state law. Claiming “discrimination” doesn’t get you a waiver. And disability status doesn’t exempt one from complying with the law.

In her resignation letter, Salzer objects to the city attorney’s request “that I comply with what is being asked.” This makes as much sense as Baby Huey trying to warble Puccini. It also begs the obvious question: Then why not simply comply?

Meanwhile, just so we get this straight: Salzer refuses to fully comply with the law and objects when she’s asked to comply with the law? And being cautioned about potential consequences for said continuous refusal constitutes “harassment” and “retaliation”?

Is there a Hillary in the house?

According to KIRO, “Repeated attempts to contact Salzer and her attorney were unsuccessful, but she addressed the email issue in her resignation letter, writing that the request ‘was turned into an aggressive demand by the city attorney to access and search my personal computer, home server and cell phone, it became apparent the city administration and attorney were continuing to treat me differently.'”

Want some cheese with that whine?

A few questions:

  • Is Ms. Salzer contending that city action directly resulting from her refusal to comply with the law constitutes “treat(ing) me differently”? If so, maybe that’s because no other council members were trying to duck a records request? Hello?
  • Did she expect city government to just overlook her repeated flouting of the law, placing the city at risk?
  • Did it never occur to her to simply provide the public records requested?
  • How much is one council member costing Montesano taxpayers?
  • Does Salzer really want “to serve on the city council as an equal member,” or was/is she demanding special kid glove treatment not afforded anyone else? (Can you say “reverse discrimination”?)

As for Salzer’s claim of “unfair working conditions of discrimination and harassment,” you really wanna go there, sis?  Because there’s been a boat load of “harassment” in Montesano lately. And it’s not coming from city hall. Bow-wow.

Mirror check? We’ll even throw in some Limburger. No extra charge.