Missing Messages in Monte?

Monte sign

In case ya missed it, the on-line version of The Vidette includes this update on last week’s story about Montesano Council Member Marisa Salzer’s resignation. Salzer “resigned abruptly” on March 10. The story was updated on March 13 with:

Update: In an email to the Vidette on Thursday, March 12, Salzer says she complied with the records request submitting “a small handful of records from (two personal email addresses) as well as the couple of text messages that I received and responded to from Mayor Estes and City Administrator Kristy Powell.”

“Never was there a refusal on my part,” Salzer said.

City Administrator Kristy Powell on Friday said that while Salzer submitted some records, those records were totally not compliant with what she was asked for and for what the city knows she has.” The City tracks every email anybody writes on city equipment, and while CCs were sent to Salzer’s personal computer and former editor of The Vidette Steven Friederich, those messages were not submitted as part of the records request.

PRR - SF, TF 16 Jan 2015

Here’s the link to the Vidette story and update.