City of Montesano Responds to Salzer Resignation

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Sometimes a blog is just Too. Much. Fun. Like being able to take all the space you need. Like being able to reproduce the entire text of an important document rather than excerpts. Like the press release issued by the City of Montesano related to the March 10 resignation of council member Marisa Salzer. Here’s the full text of last week’s press release. Obtained via public records request:

Monte Press Release on Salzer Resignation

Just for fun, you might want to – oh, I don’t know – compare the press release to Ms. Salzer’s resignation letter. In case you missed it the first time, here it is. Also obtained via public record request:

SalzerResignP1SalzerResignP2SalzerResignP3Meanwhile, take a gander at the paragraph on the bottom of page 2 of the above letter.  (That’s okay. I’ll wait.)  Aw, shoot. Lemme save you a click and some eye strain. Here ’tis:

“I took it as long as I could take it. I began to feel unsafe when the mayor dropped by my home unannounced (knowing I work regular hours during the day), and had never been invited into my home before. He appeared under the guise of “delivering” some mail that he thought might be important but didn’t know what it was (he did know, he received a copy of that mail, separately). This was the day before Christmas Eve. (Emphasis added). Since then, I have lived in my former home with the blinds closed 24 hours a day, and locked all the doors before I left and as soon as I arrived home.”

Except for one thing: This never happened. The former council member seems to be referring to a letter from yours truly. It goes like this:

  • Last December, omni-helpful former editor of The Vidette, Steven Friederich (affectionately dubbed Prince Valiant/Charming), graciously suggested: “As for Klinger’s letter, why didn’t you do a records request directly to Marisa like the city MADE me do to Klinger, himself?”
  • Taking the good Prince’s suggestion to heart, I did just that.  I contacted the council member directly to reiterate my October 2014 public record request. See below.
  • My letter was sent to the council member via certified mail  c/o city hall on 22 December 2014.
  • It arrived at city hall on 23 December 2014. Translation: “the day before Christmas Eve.”
  • The mayor, city administrator, and city attorney were copied on the letter – “he did know, he received a copy of that mail, separately.”
  • The letter was delivered to Salzer’s house by a member of MPD’s finest. Translation: NOT THE MAYOR.
  • I made a copy.
  • I have the certified mail receipt. Signed and dated.
  • How do you spell “hooey”?

Salzer Letter Dec 22 2014

Photo credit: Maria Theresa Yap


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