Edmund, Montesano Marisa & The Grays Harbor Herald

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“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

Edumund Burke

In case ya haven’t already figured it out, I’ve never quite gotten the hang of that “sit down and shut up” thing. Like when I read the story on former Montesano Council Member Marisa Salzer’s recent resignation in the March 18 issue of the Grays Harbor Herald. The pseudo story was titled, Salzer Resigns.

Raise your hand if you’re a teensy-weensy bit tired of this kind of biased, jaundiced reportage being passed off as ”news.”

Well, shoot. I called the Herald’s office on Wednesday and called ‘em on the carpet. Left my nombre and numero. No return call. Not a peepski. So I sent them a sweet li’l ‘ole letter to the editor. And there’s no need to wait for the next issue to read it. (Admit it. You know you can’t help yourself.) I’m publishing it here. For free. It goes like this:

March 20, 2015

Dear Editor:

RE: “Salzer Resigns” (March 18, 2015):

Some salient facts are missing from this story. Like the fact that Ms. Salzer seemingly chose to resign her seat rather than fully comply with an outstanding public records request. Will GH Herald ask her why? Or when her Hillary-esque claims will be subject to independent verification? Also conspicuous by its absence was the city’s side. In a press release issued the day after Ms. Salzer resigned, the city clearly states:

“In her letter of resignation she (Salzer) references many incidents that have simply not occurred. There has never been any intention on the part of the staff, city or citizens to deprive her of her rights. We understand our responsibilities and have constantly met them.

We wish her well and thank her for her service to the citizens of Montesano.”

If I could get that, why couldn’t the Herald?

LTE Herald


 Editor Scot Pearson emailed this response yesterday:

Thank you for providing your input to our story. We are in conversation with Mayor Estes and are looking to do a follow up piece should he wish it.
Ya think?
Any guesses why the Herald didn’t simply contact the city for its side and present a fair, balanced story in the first place?  (The paper didn’t. I asked.) Pearson continues:
It is always refreshing to hear comments from our readers over the phone or via email. (your phone message was also received…did you wish a telephone conversation? or will this electronic response suffice?)
Thank you for your opinion,
Herald Response
 Nothin’ like playin’ catch up.

You can play, too. Here’s the phone number and email for Scot Pearson, Editor of the Grays Harbor Herald:

 360.942.3466 x226


In case ya missed it the first time, here’s the full text of the city’s press release related to the Salzer resignation:

Monte Press Release on Salzer Resignation

A March 19 update by The Vidette on the story included:

An unexpected visit to her (Salzer’s) home by Mayor Estes had made her feel unsafe, and she has lived outside city limits since, she said.

But Mayor Estes said late last week that visit never happened.

“Totally incorrect,” Estes said. “I’ve never been to her house. I don’t even know where she lives. I don’t make deliveries to people’s homes. Right around Christmas time an officer dropped off a certified letter that had been sent to the city, but I would never have taken a letter to her or anybody else.”

… City Administrator Kristy Powell on Friday (3/13) said that while Salzer submitted some records, those records were “totally not compliant with what she was asked for and for what the city knows she has.” The City tracks every email anybody writes on city equipment, and while CCs were sent to Salzer’s personal computer and former editor of The Vidette Steven Friederich, those messages were not submitted as part of the records request, Powell said.

… Later in the week, he (Mayor Estes) added, “I’m still in shock that she resigned. I still have great hopes for her and she’s done so much good for the city in the time she was here.”

Is this place great, or what?