Grays Harbor County Commission: Send Tiramisu

Triple Chocolate Meltdown.
Triple Chocolate Meltdown.

Here’s the 4-1-1 on what’s going on lately with the Grays Harbor Board of Commissioners. In a nutshell: Everyone has either been sick (hi, Wes), is sick (hi, Vickie), or may be sick soon.

Mom tip: Load up on vitamin C. Ditto chicken soup. Read Jane Austen (throwin’ that in for free). I personally recommend lots of naps and tiramisu. If you’re fresh out of tiramisu, Triple Chocolate Meltdown will suffice. Whatever works.

Hopefully all commishes will soon return to the Land of the Living. Meanwhile, Board Chair Wes Cormier has asked each commissioner to prepare their own budget proposal and present it to the Board. Look for a revisit on April 20, possibly followed by a special meeting on the topic later that week.

The commissioners are actively encouraging and seeking public input on budget priorities. Let them know what to keep and what to cut or reduce. Now is the time. Don’t stay mum and whine about the results later. You can chime in by calling: 249-3731. (Other Mom tip: Be polite. These peeps have feelings, too.)