Ian Cope Appointed to Montesano City Council

Monte city hall

The Montesano City Council voted to appoint Ian Cope to fill the seat vacated by council member Marisa Salzer. Salzer resigned her seat on March 10. Five council members, a quorum, voted 3 to 2 on Tuesday night to approve Cope. Council member Pat Herrington made the motion to approve the appointment. It was seconded by council member Pam McElliot. Council member Ken Walkington’s “more useful discussion” in executive session was not pursued.

Council member Tyler Trimble joined McElliot and Herrington to approve. Council members Walkington and Lyle Powell voted nay.

Four people applied for the vacant seat. Besides Cope, they included: Ken Carlson, Barry Iverson, and Ron Mazilia. The voice vote in chambers followed a Q and A interview format of about an hour. Each candidate was asked questions by sitting council members. Questions ranged from the candidate’s perception of the responsibilities of a council member to budget priorities to vision for the city, what unique position or viewpoint the candidate might bring to the council, and biggest issues or challenges facing the city in general.

Cope is a former news director at KXRO radio. He moved to Montesano in 1999. Cope said his strong working relationships with other city leaders will benefit Montesano.

Meanwhile,  Vini Samuel has announced her Monte mayoral candidacy. Ms. I’m-on-the-slate, but-don’t-you-dare-appoint-me is running on the Can’t We All Just Get Along? platform. The former Grays Harbor Democrat Party Chair’s track record at recent city council meetings rivals Rip van Winkle’s.

Oh, happy day!