Dan Wood: ‘Indignant, Outraged and Ashamed’

Public domain – Wikipedia Commons

You know that old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words”? Make it two thou. Especially when it includes a little stroll down memory lane. On video.

From the video description:

“Dan Wood Grays Harbor Farm Bureau representative and campaign adviser to Commissioner Candidate TERRY WILLIS, took to the podium during a county commissioner meeting and told everyone in attendance that if they did not approve of the illegal aliens picking brush in the county’s forest, that … we’re all RACIST.”

At about 1:40, the honorable ex-commissioner who almost finished a single term says: “It seems, though, that the potential for political gain and pandering to the public has overcome respect for the truth.” He repeats the mantra at about 4:45.

You really wanna go there, darlin’? Bow wow.

Oh, and Wood is also outraged at the disregard for taxpayer dollars. Inquiring minds want to know if that includes six interpreters?

Not to fret. We can all sleep better at night knowing Wood “even has friends from Montana and Mississippi” (at about 6:04). How many interpreters he may need remains unclear.