‘Vini Lite’ (formerly of The Vidette)

There are times when April 1st is just too good. Like if anyone still thinks a certain former Vidette editor, affectionately dubbed Prince Valiant/Charming, was even remotely balanced or “objective” in his reportage of matters Monte-ish.

Mega thanks to Princely for confirming his personal bias and setting the record straight publicly. Vini Lite looks like this (screenshot off Facebook, March 28, 2015):

Steven Freiderick's FB page

Awww. Isn’t that suh-weet?

Meanwhile, here’s hoping Monte wakes up… period.



3 thoughts on “‘Vini Lite’ (formerly of The Vidette)

  1. Let me get this straight. Vini, resigned from the Montesano City Council, because she didn’t have time, what with her law practice, Democrat politics, and all. Same thing happened when the County Commissioners appointed her as County Prosecutor, “too busy,” she claimed. Now all of a sudden she has time to be Mayor of our city? Something fishy going on here.
    I pray to God Mayor Estes decides to run for reelection. Electing Vini, or Tyler Trimble, as Mayor would be a disaster for our city.
    Back to the days when city employees, and their union, run our city, and Public Works Department once again becomes “Camp-Run-Amuck”.


  2. Baloney buster,
    So lets hear how wonderful a job the current mayor has done.. Numerous lawsuits, thousands of tax payers dollars wasted.. I see both Mr. Trimble and Vini as huge step forward.. And how in the hell do you know what the public works or their union was doing.. from the paper? or from your so called honest mayor or did you come up with this idea yourself.. I also hope Mr. Esetes runs again so he can go to the community and explain his actions..


  3. Me thinks Bow-Wow “doth protest too much.”
    Perhaps he works for the city? Public Works, maybe?
    At any rate his bark is much worse than his bite.


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