Isn’t It Time?


I’m going to throw up if I read another headline like this: 12-1/2 Years For Man Convicted of Child Rape.

Unfortunately, this seems a sign of the times. In the March 26, 2015 Daily World article cited above, Grays Harbor County Prosecutor Katie Svoboda says:

 “It’s just hard to fathom the defendant committing such a crime.”

Sadly, it’s not. Here’s why.*

As society continues to decay and the Judeo-Christian ethic upon which essential liberty and the rule of law are based is eroded, it is the weakest, most innocent and defenseless among us who pay the highest price. Bereft of a sturdy moral compass and essential guiding principles, society fails to behave in a civilized manner.

One of the benchmarks of a society in decline is its collective failure to protect those who need it most. They become prey for lawless, soul-less predators like Cleveland kidnapper and serial rapist Ariel Castro and abortionist Kermit Gosnell. Or ISIS.

Predictable Outgrowth

As ghastly as Castro’s and Gosnell’s “House of Horrors” were, they should not surprise us. Both are the predictable outgrowth of a society that has kicked God out of the public square, confused “equality” with immorality, murder with “choice” and excuses naked evil with victimhood status.  What’s left is a society that looks like the Book of Judges, where “every man did as he saw fit” (Judges 21:25).

Law of the Jungle

Lion 2When society and lawmakers refuse to protect the most innocent and defenseless among us – unborn and newly born babies –  it’s only a matter of time before all life becomes cheap.   Unfettered and undeterred by the laws or ethics of civilization, the law of the jungle reigns supreme.

That’s great news if you’re a lion in its prime or a bull elephant. It’s not so great if you’re … not.  Because once the law of the jungle rules in human society, the first to become prey are women and children, the elderly, the weak and the frail, both born and unborn.


Before we cluck our tongues too loudly at Gosnell or Castro,  consider the society that allowed Gosnell to open shop and stay in business. Or the demented mentality of the “I couldn’t help myself” excuse Castro tried to deploy. One exploited vulnerable women, girls and babies to make a buck. The other did likewise for his own selfish, prurient interests. (Fortunately, the court didn’t buy it. What’s astonishing is that Castro even tried, or was allowed to natter “victim of addiction” slop for 16 insufferable minutes.)

Downhill Slide

When unborn life and newborn life are cheap, the downhill slide for all life is sharp and steep. When morality is relative and children are taught they’re little more than a complicated concoction of Campbell’s soup – instead of created in the Imago Dei – the results are horrific, tragic, and … predictable.

Gosnell is one example. Ariel Castro is another. Ditto Planned Parenthood arguing for infanticide.  And the flippant “What difference does it make?” response to the deaths of four courageous Americans by a former Secretary of State. And so it goes.

The Gosnell and Castro cases should not surprise us. They should shame us. Tragically, they’re a reflection of what America has become.

Isn’t it time to take our country back?


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* This post was originally published in May 2013. This revised version was re-published on August 5, 2013 under the title Castro & Kermit: Time to Take Our Country Back.