Are You a ‘Very Dangerous American’?

Dinesh D'Souza public domain
Dinesh D’Souza
public domain

A favorite chorus emanating from the Amen Corner of the Right is the need for a Reaganesque spokesperson to champion conservatism and conservative ideas in the public square. The typical refrain goes like: “Where, oh where, is the next ‘elder statesman’ of conservatism who can winsomely champion the cause with intelligence and eloquence without giving an inch to the other side?”

Instead of looking around the political landscape expecting The Other Guy to stand up and be counted, here’s a tip: Look in the mirror. Because what the ‘Amen Corner’ is really asking is this:

How can I become a ‘very dangerous American’?

Because as we all know, nothing sends shivers down the spines of DemoLibs like ‘average Joes and Josephines’ who are armed with facts and truth who refuse to sit down and shut up.

To find out more about how to become “a very dangerous American,” click here.




2 thoughts on “Are You a ‘Very Dangerous American’?

  1. I may not get up to the very dangerous status yet, but I am climbing the ladder as fast as I can. And I am not going alone, I am trying to bring friends along with me, although that may slow me down a bit, it will be worth it if we can keep the fires burning.


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