‘This is a Test of the GH County Emergency Budget System…’ (sort of)

TestingOkay, class. This is a test. Now don’t freak out. That’s cheating. Because there’s just one question.

Here are some nifty photos of the “budget proposals” presented by each commissioner at Monday’s Board of Commission morning meeting. Put on your glasses and take a quick gander.

Commissioner Wes Cormier’s budget presentation:

Cormier Budget Proposal

Commissioner Vickie Rainies’ budget presentation:

Raines Budget Proposal

Commissioner Frank Gordon’s budget presentation (two pages):

Gordon Budget Proposal 1

Gordon Budget Proposal 2

Here’s the question: What language is the last one in? Holler when you get that. I’m still trying to figure it out.

There will be a make-up quiz on Friday. Or when ballots come out.


2 thoughts on “‘This is a Test of the GH County Emergency Budget System…’ (sort of)

  1. You forgot to tell us about Frankie Boy leaving the Commissioner’s meeting in a huff when he didn’t get his way on the budget. Let’s hope the next time he takes his bat and goes home, he’ll stay there until his term expires.


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