How YOU Can Help Bring Amir Hekmati Home (Don’t Wuss Out)


What would you do if your husband, father, uncle or son had been wrongly accused of spying and was being held in a filthy Iranian prison? What if the person being held was a U.S. citizen and a  decorated Marine?

I’m willing to bet that some would do the, “Golly, gee whiz, that’s really sad-nothin’ I can do-hope he gets out soon” shoulder shrug routine on the latter. Let someone else worry about it and go on our merry way.

Can I be frank? I’m sick of that kind of response. It’s not just cowardly. It’s wrong. Spare me the excuses. It’s still pathetic. And it’s one reason the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave isn’t a whole lot of either these days.

Remember Edmund Burke.

Because an American citizen, a United States Marine combat vet, is being held in an Iranian prison. His name is Amir Hekmati. And he needs your help.

Note that date on this video. It’s almost two years old.

Amir Hekmati disappeared on August 29, 2011, a few days before he was to return home from a trip to Iran to visit his ailing grandmother. Days later, it was discovered that Amir had been detained by Iranian intelligence forces. He’s been languishing in Evin prison since.

And you can do something about it. Because if you’re still reading, I’m willing to make another bet. You’re not the shoulder shrug type. You’re better than that.

In case you haven’t heard about Amir, here’s some additional background from

In January of 2012, Amir was charged with being an American spy and sentenced to death. In March of 2012, an appeals court lifted the death sentence and ordered a new trial, citing insufficient evidence. Amir languished in solitary confinement for sixteen months, waiting for the opportunity to defend himself. At the time, his family had received no calls, no letters, and knew nothing of his well-being.

In December of 2013, Amir’s new trial finally took place and he was convicted of collaborating with a hostile county presumably because of his service in the United States military. This trial was a secret trial, held behind closed doors. Amir’s was not given the opportunity to defend himself, nor was his lawyer present. In fact, Amir did not find out until April of 2014 that the trial took place and he had been condemned to 10 years in prison.

To make matters worse, while Amir has been imprisoned in Iran, his father in Michigan was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. After enduring brain surgery and additional cancer treatments, he recently suffered three strokes that left him hospitalized and requiring rehabilitation. The need for Amir to be released and to return home is immediate.

Please join us in our fight to bring Amir home by signing this petition asking President Obama, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, the State Department , and our elected officials to do everything they can to bring Amir home – to bring him back to the country he defended, to bring him back to the family that loves him, to bring him back to his father. Before it is too late.

You can do what the Obama administration can’t or won’t do. Speak out for Amir Hekmati and help secure his freedom from Iranian prison. It only takes a minute. I promise. Sign the petition here.

How else can you help bring Hekmati home? Glad you asked. Because now isn’t the time to wuss out. Do the shoulder shrug thing. The Obama administration has been doing that for 3+ years.

You’re better than that.

Got five minutes? Good. Then work your social media channels for Amir. It’s quick and easy. Every mention, every share, and every tweet and retweet matters. They raise awareness and show that Amir hasn’t been forgotten. You can follow FreeAmir on social media at:

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Join the fight. Click here. Don’t do that stupid shoulder shrug thing. You’re better than that. Go!



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  1. Well I do not do Twitter, but I did share on Facebook, and sign the petition and donate, but I do have to add I feel a bit helpless in this case.


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