Larry the Cable Guy’s Fiscally Conservative Plan to ‘Git ‘Er Done’ In Fighting Terrorists

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So he’s not exactly Olivier. Or Kenneth Branagh. But who is?

Cuz everybody’s favorite redneck, Larry “Git ‘Er Done the Cable Guy, has an idea for fighting terrorists. He tweeted about it on Sunday. It goes like this:

It costs 100 million a week to hunt down terrorists! I know some guys in Plant City fla that’ll do it for 300 bucks and tix to Jake Owen!

 Jake Owen seems to be all in:

Jake Owen retweeted Larry The Cable Guy

Tickets will be at will call! I’d be happy to host.

Country singer-songwriter and ACA Artist of the Year awardee Jake Owen added,

Keeping the world safe for democracy on a shoestring and Owen tickets at will call. Talk about a two-fer.
Plenty of folks have chimed in on Larry’s proposal.  Whatever else his idea may be, it’s a whole lot less than “100 million a week.”
What do you think?