THIS is How a Real Leader Handles Terrorists

Ramadi has fallen. ISIS overran the strategic city on Monday. Continuing their bloody march through Iraq, Islamic State militants searched door-to-door for policemen and pro-government fighters and threw bodies in the Euphrates River after capturing the key provincial capital.

Located in western Iraq, Ramadi may not be the most important prize in that region. But it carries special significance to many in the American military because it was the scene of bloody battles against insurgents. Many U.S. lives were lost before the city was pacified in 2006-07. The capture of Ramadi also represents ISIS’ biggest victory since overrunning much of northern and western Iraq last year. It may also highlight the abject failure of the Obama administration’s approach in that region.

Not that anyone’s counting anymore. But maybe we should. The current U.S. approach, a tri-partite amalgam of retraining and rebuilding the Iraqi army, pushing Baghdad to make nice with the  Sunnis, and bombing Islamic State targets without committing American ground combat troops, isn’t exactly causing IS to hoist the white flag anywhere.

A little leadership might help here.

Remember when we had a Commander in Chief who was a Commander in Chief? A true leader who was decisive, direct, and commanded attention? Like this:

Is that the best Mr. “We don’t have a strategy yet” can dig up? Cuz frankly, it’s pretty lame. Contrast the J.V. Team’s approach with what Ronald Reagan had to say regarding the bombing on Libya in April 1986.

“…when our citizens are abused or attacked, anywhere in the world on the direct orders of a hostile regime, we will respond so long as I am in this Oval Office. Self defense is not only our right, it is our duty.

He adds:

“I warned that there should be no place on earth where terrorists can rest and train and practice their deadly skills. I meant it. I said that we would act with others if possible and alone if necessary to ensure that terrorists have no sanctuary anywhere tonight.”

This how a real leader sounds and acts. As opposed to Amateur Hour at the Bijou.

Who in the GOP presidential wannabe fold gets it? What say you?