County Budget, Dancing Bears & No. 17 Cherry Tree Lane

Okay, so I never really got in to the #ThrowbackThursday thing. Probably because it sounds like, “Hey, Mac. Throw it in reverse and hit the gas.” It’s enough to give a body whiplash. And that’s not something I recommend, particularly under Obamacare.

I’m making an exception today.  I saved Monday’s copy of the latest and greatest county budget news for #Throwback Thursday. It just seemed to fit.

I’m going to try to make this as painless as possible. If you’re squeamish, you may want to grab some Pepto Bismol before we dive in. (Was going to throw in some dancing bears, but they were on strike. Teamsters.) Anyway, as of April 30, 2015, the Grays Harbor County budget looks like:

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I know you didn’t really read all that. Can’t say I blame ya. So I’m throwing the cliff’s notes version in for free (you’re welcome). Here ‘tis:

  • The single biggest revenue source for the county’s general fund = property taxes (about 44%) , followed by Licenses, Permits & Fees (close to 11%), and Sales Tax (a shade over 10%)
  • Single largest YTD expenditure by department is the sheriff and jail (about 38%)
  • Salaries and Benefits lead the YTD general expenditures by object (about 74%)
  • As of April 30, the “2015 Budget Operating Defici”t is about $2.5M. The “Projected” Operating Deficit is $967,722.

Speaking of whiplash, here’s the “layman’s version”:

If you take the square root of the number of open beds in the county jail, divide by pi when passing Number 17 Cherry Tree Lane* on even months ending in “r,” reduce by early retirements with a common denominator of six, stir in some licenses, permits and fees and a sprig of mint, then how many lions roar in the Serengeti on the Ides of March? (You’ll get that if you read Monday’s brilliant post, ORCAA & the West Wind. If you missed it, now would be good.)

Meanwhile, I’m thinking about launching a new hashtag: #ThrowbackDecade #ThrowbackHalfCentury #ThrowDemsOut. #ThrowItAgainstTheWallAndSeeIfItSticks.

Is this place great, or what?


* If you didn’t get that, kindly revisit P.L. Travers. Or you could just cut to the chase and watch Saving Mr. Banks.  You’re welcome again.