5 Great Reasons to Elect Vini Samuel as Mayor of Montesano

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Montesano mayoral candidates are off and running.  And what the city really needs – cough, cough – is another mayor who’s beholden to and run by special interests and chihuahuas. Who walked out of her city council seat early cuz she didn’t have time for the responsibility. Who can’t seem to figure out public record requests. Or budget line items.

And that carping about lawsuits and investigations? Here’s a little newsflash: Corruption and similar abuses on the taxpayer dime usually entail an investigation.  Or is city leadership just expected to look the other way? And how much of that was going on on The Vinster’s watch?

Obtained by public record request, the following is a list of lawsuits or follow-on claims filed against the city from 2000 to 2009. The Vinster served on city council/as mayor pro tem much of that time:


Lawsuits 1

Besides that, here are five great reasons to elect serial quitter Vini “Why Did You Pick Me?” Samuel as mayor of Montesano:






Poor puppy! Bow wow.



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  1. Why would a successful attorney that was too busy to serve on the council want the Mayors job??? Something doesn’t small right.


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