The Common Sense Post That Club Chihuahua Doesn’t Want You to See

Montesano Pioneer Stop Sign 2

Don’t look now, but Montesano’s ever-lovable Club Chihuahua has  just been hit by the common sense locomotive. Cheer up, folks. This is a rare event.

Maybe we can sell tickets?

The following was written by a real, live veteran in response to Dan I’m not a vet and don’t have a clue how to properly display a flag Woodsy’s epic meltdown over Woods’ decision to damage a young tree in Montesano’s Bryan Park in order to display a flag over Memorial Day weekend.

Any second grader can follow this. Whether or not the Bow Wow Brigade can follow the bouncing ball remains to be seen.

Here’s why Dan Wood is dead wrong and the city is right over the trumped-up flag drama:


By Gary Randall*

“You cry babies are forgetting the mayor is a veteran. He honorably served in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam War.  He then went on to serve his country and community as a police officer for 22 years until he was medically retired because of injuries he suffered during a felony burglary chase and arrest.  He now serves the local veteran community through the local VFW Post where he is a member of the honor guard and serves as the post chaplin.  The mayor you people are trashing in this made-up incident of perceived disrespect towards a veteran has personally honored dozens of local veterans while they were laid to rest in graveyards throughout Grays Harbor.

This trumped-up flag drama is nothing more than the same petty nonsense that has been going on with this Facebook page and the petty little people that are behind it. These people are nothing more than Facebook trolls who have nothing better to do than trash a mayor and his administration that discovered city employee corruption, took exception to it, and had the honor and courage to put an end to it.


As far as this particular flag drama, here is why Dan Wood is dead wrong and the city is right:

The land this monument is on is city-owned, to be enjoyed by all citizens equally. It does not matter whether you are a citizen of Montesano or not.  A Californian can come to this park and enjoy using it with the same rights and privileges as can a lifelong citizen of Montesano. Now given this true statement of fact, how would you all feel if some Californian screwed a flag holder into a young, living and growing tree?  I will tell you, based on the conduct of this group over the last several years, you people would go nuts!  You would want them arrested. You would demand they pay for a new tree. You would want them punished!

Besides that:

The United State Flag Code and the Washington State Flag regulations/laws require:

  • The National Ensign (U.S.  flag to you non-vets like Dan Wood) should only be displayed from a place of permanence and  honor.  A small living and growing tree does not meet that requirement.  A veteran like the mayor knows this.
  • The National Ensign should only be flown from a position where it can fly free without snagging on or touching anything.  Hanging within the branches of a little tree as this one was violates this requirement.  A veteran like the mayor knows this.
  • The National Ensign should only be flown from sunrise to sunset on buildings and on stationary flag staffs in the open.  However, when a patriotic effect is desired, the flag may be displayed 24 hours a day if properly illuminated during the hours of darkness. Two little solar garden lights installed under a ‘shade’ tree do not meet this requirement.  A veteran like the mayor knows this.
  • The National Ensign should not be displayed on days when the weather is inclement, except when an all-weather ensign is displayed. Who is going to make sure the Ensign is changed as bad weather is approaching and when it has subsided?  Is Dan Wood going to handle this, or is that now the city’s responsibility? A veteran like the mayor thinks about these things, a non-vet like Dan Wood does not.

Besides the fact that displaying our National Ensign in the way Dan Wood chose to was in violation of state and federal law, there are several other reasons why it was proper for the city to take it down.

The tree Dan Wood screwed the mount to is only 3.5” in diameter. He used three .75” screws, two of which were screwed next to each other about an inch apart.  These two screws created a weak point in the tree, where a high wind could easily cause the tree to break in half.

Montesano Flag Carrier

Because Dan Wood thought it was appropriate to install a flag pole mount on this young tree by putting three large screws  into its trunk, he damaged the tree’s protective skin i.e., its bark. The injured tree is now susceptible to any number of insects and or pathogens. Common sense should have told Dan Wood this wasn’t a good idea.

Someone has to be responsible for the care and maintenance of the flag, its pole, the mount, and the lights. Who was going to take on that responsibility?  Dan Wood did not talk to anyone in the city. He just took it upon himself to improperly install the flag and in so doing caused damage to city property. Had the city left the flag and lights in place, the city would have been responsible for the care, maintenance, and cost by default.

It looked stupid! The flag poking out of the tree branches just plain looked stupid. The flag was competing for space with the tree branches and leaves, and during windy days the flag would have been all tangled up within the tree branches.  I could only imagine how this page and all of its trolls would have been calling the city and complaining about how the flag is not properly flying. Additionally, the flag was only about 4 feet off the ground, making it an easy target for thieves and/or mischievous children.

The bottom line… Had some Bubba from California put up that flag and lights, you people would have smoked them!  However, Dan Wood, who is obviously suffering from regret from not having the courage to serve his country, now seems to think that it is fitting to go around and chastise an honorable man who has spent his entire life serving his country and his fellow man. I don’t get it!

I am a veteran. I served honorably and retired from the U.S. Coast Guard after 20 years.  I have had several fellow Coast Guardsmen killed in the line of duty and I am sure the mayor has lost shipmates as well.  On Memorial Day I am sad, as are most veterans, because we all have lost friends. The last thing we as veterans want to see are people like Dan Wood who did not serve taking a holier-than-thou attitude towards a veteran about patriotism, honor, and devotion to duty.”


And since Wood conveniently outted himself as little more than an Estes hater with a bad cases of rabies, maybe Danny Boy can practice that “listening” stuff with a second grader. If he can find one.

* Used by permission. Emphasis added.


2 thoughts on “The Common Sense Post That Club Chihuahua Doesn’t Want You to See

  1. Interesting, this flag controversy.

    I am a Marine Corps and Vietnam veteran. I have to admit (ashamedly so), that I was clueless to the hanging of our flag. I have proudly hung a flag, from a tree, barn and fence post in my past.

    Currently, our flag flies, securely attached, to a 6′ pole from our second story deck off of our bedroom. There are several of Gary’s flag rules that I am breaking (this time somewhat ashamedly) in flying our flag.

    We are just a regular, everyday family who is proud to display the flag of this once-great nation!

    Would I display a flag on a tree someone else owned?! No. That is a poor decision I am sure Dan Wood regrets now. However……… I don’t believe that his not being a veteran had an influence on his hanging a flag on one of Montesano’s trees. In addition, I don’t agree with Gary’s thought about the screws making it probable that the tree will split at that site. I am not an arborist but I believe that 30+ years of timber falling do give me some insight into tree damage.

    Bad decision by Dan Wood? Yes, but not related to him not serving in the military.

    My wife and I are considering raising a flagpole to proudly fly our colors. I guarantee you all that I will be calling Gary for the proper procedure before we do anything!

    Again, this flag controversy was very interesting.


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