Meanwhile in Montesano: Need Some Ketchup With That Crow?

Last month, Conservelocity reported that Pound Puppy Propagandist/Vini Lite Friederich stated he’d publicly endorse Montesano Mayor Ken Estes’s re-election bid if City Attorney Dan Glenn and City Administrator Kristy Powell were out of the picture.

In case ya missed it, that brilliant post of May 26 can be found here. 

The Vidette caught up and ran a story on same. It appeared in last Thursday’s edition under the headline, Monte Administrator Powell Announces Pending Resignation. It includes:

“Powell is the second city official to announce pending resignation within the last year. City Attorney Dan Glenn announced in March that he had settled on an August resignation.”

Hey! It’s a two-fer. Just what Prince Valiant/Vini Mouthpiece, formerly of The Vidette, said he wanted. So. How ’bout it Steven? Got that Estes endorsement ink set yet?

Meanwhile, I hear crow tastes better with ketchup. If you’re running low, just holler.






Photo credit: Jason Lam, Creative Commons License



4 thoughts on “Meanwhile in Montesano: Need Some Ketchup With That Crow?

  1. Incredible a grown man could be that bitter, and hold a grudge that long. I guess Montesano can thank their lucky stars this cry baby Streeter wasn’t elected Mayor.


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