GUEST AUTHOR: Joining the Fun in Monte

Montesano City Sign

By Emery Haggin*


“Apparently the former editor of the Montesano Vidette, Steven Friederich, doesn’t know when to quit.  He is still trying to influence local politics even though he wore out his welcome in Grays Harbor last fall. He has announced that he has opened a new blog so he can continue his partisan bashing of incumbent Monte Mayor Ken Estes.  At least Steven is honest about his bias this time, too bad that can’t be said about his time spent as editor.

Although Steven has a new job in Olympia as a state employee, he apparently still has plenty of time to attend our County Commissioner meetings and press conferences with his faithful sidekick Tom Fredricksen in tow. The two of them have made Estes-bashing their favorite indoor sport.  However,Tom, writing in his “Montesano Today” blog, in December, 2013 had this to say about Ken not long after he was elected Mayor:

“We as citizens and taxpayers here in Grays Harbor have a covenant with our elected officials.  in return for the keys to the locks and assess to the checkbooks, we expect a few things.  Professionalism, honesty, and accountability high (sic) on the list.  That basic trust has not only been abused but completely shattered.

Starting with our own little town of Montesano, Mayor Estes was swept into office with 69.31 percent of the vote.  That’s no small task in an area where elections are often decided by under a dozen votes,  The message to Ken– clean up the place.  To the shock of many here in Montesano, that is exactly what he started to do.  For decades, this town has been run by a cabal of politicians by a group first and foremost belonging to the city public workers union.  In return for the elected offices, our politicians looked the other way. Blatantly.”

To make a long story short, the Public Works employees did not take defeat lying down, they have come roaring back with a vengeance, running one of their own, namely Tyler Trimble, to challenge the Mayor.

Steven and Tom just can’t resist joining in on the fun.

Guess just goes to prove you can take the reporter out of Monte, but you can’t take Monte out of the reporter.”


*Used by permission.