GUEST AUTHOR: Monte City Council Member Sets the Record Straight

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It’s too bad that Steven Friederich, formerly of the Vidette, can’t make a graceful exit after “leaving” his editor gig last November.  But it seems he can’t.  Instead, Friederich has decided to jump in to the Montesano mayor’s race in support of a special friend/candidate.  This despite the fact that Friederich doesn’t live in Grays Harbor anymore.  He has no real dog in the fight other than blasting away at Mayor Ken Estes, his favorite target.


Recently, he appeared on a local radio show to share his political agenda against Mayor Estes. Why this anti-Estes fixation.  The ex-editor has even gone so far as to conveniently launch his own blog, and join in with Montesano Today, another lad with a tinfoil hat.  The anti-Estes hit piece is thinly camouflaged as a “fact check.”

What’s with this guy?


Some of us have suspected Friederich of using/misusing his former post as an anti-Estes bully pulpit for a long time.  Surprise no one needs the long distance input against locals with whom he may disagree.  It’s kind of sad, and says much more about him than it does anyone else, doesn’t it?


Before Friederich started taking personal shots at me and my family I thought he was an objective journalist.  It must be a relief that he doesn’t have to pretend to be “objective” anymore. Often he has tried to stir up citizens against me because I am on the council, and my wife works for the City.  Well, guess what? The State of Washington, State auditors, and our own attorney support that “no conflict exists.”   Remember it doesn’t have to be true, all it has to be is written on Facebook by the haters to make it so.


I’ve lost track of the number of times Friederich has shown himself to be duplicitous and disingenuous.  I have seen him slap the Mayor on the back and tell him he was “the best mayor Monte ever had.”  He has written articles and then gone to Facebook to further embellish, and create interest in what was a lie to begin with. Why would anyone pay attention to this guy?  And doesn’t he have anything better to do?


Let me set the record straight. I’ve known Ken Estes for about four years.  We have worked together on many council/mayor projects including budgets, building a public works shop, downtown plan, land sale, street projects, employee problems, etc.  Also, as a council member every action that he has taken, including all investigations and terminations were approved by council majority, before any action was taken.  He relies on the council to fairly represent the citizens and he listens to us, without angst.


I know that Ken Estes is one of the most honest, authentic and transparent people you’ll ever meet.  He has courage and integrity.  He’s also gracious and patient-even when people disagree with him, and stab him in the back.


Leaving the drama and haters aside, Montesano voters have a choice this election.  They can vote to re-elect a real leader like Ken Estes, who does not bail out when things become difficult, who has a moral compass, or one of the other candidates. True, Ken’s decisions didn’t always make him popular, but I believe they were the right ones for Montesano.  They show courage and integrity.  That’s what being Mayor is all about.


Please join me in supporting Ken Again for Mayor.
Lyle Powell
Montesano City Council, Position #5

Emphasis added – Ed.


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2 thoughts on “GUEST AUTHOR: Monte City Council Member Sets the Record Straight

  1. Good for Councilman Lyle Powell.
    What a great letter! He is telling it like it is. This needs to be published in The Vidette and The Daily World.


  2. I am so glad I read this article. Our Mayor has done so many good things and saved millions of tax payer dollars. In fact, in all the negative commentaries aimed at Estes, I have not seen ANY blaitant wrong doing. ?? Only small mistakes by his staff. So what gives? Maybe the plan for Steven’s best friend (it seems) and Mayoral candidate, laid the ground work to run for Mayor when this all started? Steven stirs up so much garbage. Who is still listening to him???


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