Morning on the Harbor?

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Well friends, there’s good news ‘right here in River City.’ (If you didn’t get that, kindly study up on Robert Preston and 76 Trombones.) Grays Harbor County Commissioners Wes Cormier, Vickie Raines and Frank Gordon are making an honest effort to bury the hatchet and press forward with county business.

At this morning’s Board of Commissioners meeting in Montesano, yours truly asked the commissioners how last week’s Strategic Planning Workshop went and what their individual take-aways were.

Commissioner Gordon indicated that although he and his fellow commissioners may disagree at times, they agreed that such disagreements can “be done in a civil manner.”

Commissioner Cormier said last week’s workshop was “productive” and that the commission was “getting into the nitty gritty,” moving into setting goals and priorities.

Commissioner Raines said she and her fellow seat mates were willing to put past differences aside. She said they had a handshake agreement to start “with a clean slate” and “put whatever issues are in the past behind us” and work together. Raines also emphasized the value of staff experience and knowledge, saying the staff “has a tremendous amount of knowledge we can glean from.”

All three commissioners expressed an interest in putting past differences aside and moving forward for the good of the county.

Peeps, they’re trying. Even though some members of the Me! Me! media missed the Mommy Memo on consequences for bad behavior, the commishes are trying. Despite the best efforts of some to break out of quarantine and infect the rest of the county with a bad case of rabies, the commishes are still trying.

Let’s give ‘em some credit.


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  1. Rabid Monte Watchdogs are a menace to society. They already have Tom Fredricksen and Steven Friederich foaming at the mouth.


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