The Circus Is(n’t) Coming! The Circus Is(n’t) Coming: County Media Sessions Grounded

Well peeps, it looks like Air M.S. has been grounded. Originally proposed as a means to promote transparency and improve communication between county government and “ya’ll come,” the Monday Media Sessions hit a snag when members of the Me! Me! Media tried to turn them into Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey.

And were surprised when they got caught. (Dontcha hate it when that happens?)

That’s okay. We’re here to help.

When I asked for an update on who can legally do what and how in said context, the good folks over at county provided me with this link. It’s from the Attorney General’s Office regarding “authority of county to restrict video and/or sound recording of county meetings.”

This isn’t rocket science. Unless, of course, you’re ring-leading for Ringling Bros. So lemme make this real simple. The basic ground rules for media sessions are/were: play nice. Or play nice. Or you could just – oh, I dunno – play nice?

If you still missed the Mommy Memo, don’t worry. We don’t want anyone left out. So here are a few more “translations.” Take your pick:

English: Play nice.

Italian: Playzetti Nicetti

Greek: Playum niceum

Icelandic: Ppp-play (shiver) nnn-nice

Irish: Ale, anyone?

Jamaican: Chillax, mon

Hamlet: To play nice, or not to play nice? That isn’t a question.

Chinese: Bei-play Bei-nice

German: Unten playen nicen

Canine: Woof!

Feline: What’re you lookin’ at?

Einstein: E = mc nice

Irish again: More ale, anyone?

Shakespeare: You’re kidding, right?

Lawyerese: See Shakespeare, above.

In case that’s still not clear, here’s another translation:

“Because I love Montesano.” That’s why I quit city council early and resigned as mayor pro temp.



Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons