Is Summer Sun Shining at County Commission?

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Yesterday was the first day of summer. A little light and warmth are always nice. Especially around Grays Harbor.

Speaking of nice, it seems that some of that stuff may be brewing in the Grays Harbor County Commission. The commissioners struck a pretty cordial chord today. They helped each other with reminders about meetings attended last week. Said “Please” and “Thank you.” Laughed. Played nice. The media sessions are a little up in the air, but they’re working on it.

Proposed by Commissioner Wes Cormier last month to promote transparency and openness in county government, the media sessions kinda sorta ground to a semi-halt when the Me! Me! Media tried turning them into a three-ring circus. (Before that “war” thing. Here a war, there a war, everywhere a war, wa… oh, never mind.)

Commenting on a possible revisit of Monday afternoon media sessions, Commissioner Vickie Raines said this morning:

“We’re here for the people. That’s who we work for. We report to them.”

Raines commended Commissioner Cormier for bringing the idea forward in May. Saying a “variety of individuals” contacted her about continuing the media sessions, Raines recommended continuing them “for whoever would like to attend.” She added that the sessions “provide a level of transparency and openness we haven’t had in the past.” If a commissioner was asked a question in a session they chose not to answer, Raines joked that they could say they were “just here so they wouldn’t get fined.” The lighthearted comment was a reference to Seattle Seahawk Marshawn Lynch.

Regarding media session participation, Commissioner Frank Gordon indicated he would like to “mull it over” and expressed concerns about following rules and accountability. He said, “When I do it, I want to do it right.”

Commissioner Cormier said the media sessions are for anyone with paper and a pencil. He supports “unrestricted access” and transparency and openness in government. Cormier said:

“You should be allowed to talk about and write about whatever you wish.”

He added, “Everybody’s welcome.”

During the afternoon meeting, Linda Webb of East Hoquiam Neighborhood Watch presented signed letters of appreciation to the Sheriff’s Department for their help with the program. She also had letters of appreciation from the group to the county Roads Department expressing appreciation for their help and going “above and beyond the call of duty” in clean-up efforts related to the January storm/flood.

Following the business meeting, interested parties moseyed on over to the conference room for the media session. Joining Commissioners Cormier and Raines for today’s media session were representatives from two radio stations, Doug McDowell and Logan Livingston, Vidette Editor Corey Morris, and Yours Truly. Everyone played nice.

One other thing. For you history buffs. Today is the 74th anniversary of Operation Barbarossa, Nazi Germany’s invasion of the Soviet Union during WWII. Just throwin’ that in for free. You’re welcome.

Now. It’s a beautiful sunny day. Go outside and play! Last one to the beach is a rotten circus!