GH County Commissioners and Media Q&A: Ya’ll Come

Cnty Admin Bldg

Here’s the 4-1-1 on the Monday afternoon media sessions with the Grays Harbor Commissioners: If you’re interested and can swing it schedule-wise, go.

All three commissioners were present at today’s session. Questions ranged from clarifications on funding for different contracts to what the Thrive by Five for the Parents as Teachers Home Visiting Program includes.

The media Q & A sessions are held in Conference Room 1 following the 2:00 business meeting. They’re brief. Informal.  An open forum designed to promote transparency and accessibility. If you have a question related to county business, here’s your chance to get an answer. It’s also an opportunity to get to know Commissioners Cormier, Gordon and Raines a little better. They’re not that scary. Seriously.

BTW, if you’re really, really good, you get to sit at The Big Kids Table. Just sayin’. (There will be no meeting on July 6 due to the Independence Day holiday.)

Monday afternoon sessions are usually attended by reps from The Vidette, two radio stations, and yours truly. But anyone can play. Just leave the Ringling Bros. act at home.