GUEST AUTHOR: Election Time in Montesano

Montesano City Sign
    As it is soon time for the elections in the City of Montesano, I ask that you carefully consider the candidates.
    This Mayor and Council have been able to right some of the wrongs that have been allowed to continue through past councils and administrations. Today we have employees that work hard, and they work all of the time, providing essential services;  Policies and procedures have been developed that all employees understand and have signed an agreement to adhere to; A work order system tracks all customer needs, and promotes accountability; The City recently paid off a $1,000,000 bond that was used to finance part of the public works building. (There is no debt on the three year old building. As a Council/ Mayor we are very proud of that achievement); Money has been saved to pay off debt that was incurred before many of us were elected; There are clean, well kept parks; there is discussion of a cemetery improvement that will reduce the cost to the citizens; and a soccer field development is in process at Beacon Park.
    Not every issue has been resolved, the streets still need repaired; police and fire are cramped for space and will soon need an expansion; employee issues will continue to exist; new forest land needs to be purchased; and-old equipment needs replaced, etc.
    I am not running again for city council seat. My time in Washington is just about done.  However, I care about Montesano.  I ask that you carefully consider the candidates for all of the positions, both Mayor and Council.  There are some candidates that appear to be running for election to return the city to the “way it used to be”,is this really what you citizens want?  Ask the candidates what they stand for, ask about past community service, and see if they know the difference between popularity and principle.
    Give the current Mayor and Council the opportunity to continue to move the city forward.  Vote for the people that really understand the issues and have faithfully served the citizens.
    But most of all educate yourself on the issues, study the candidates, register to vote, and then VOTE!
Lyle Powell

City Council Seat #5
City of Montesano WA