County Commissioners Dig In To Full Plates (Chocolate Kisses At No Extra Charge)

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If you want the short and skinny on what’s going on at county lately, here’s the Cliff’s Notes version:


  •  Safety awareness training and what NOT to do in an active shooter situation.


  • Possible north jetty Geotube replacement – Ocean Shores (Raines)
  • Fire prevention & sky lanterns (Raines)
  • Pictometry (All)
  • A possible ATV ordinance (Raines). The draft may be available next Monday.
  • Flood authority and the Wishkah Road project (Raines)
  • Seattle 🙂

Meetings & Events.  Commissioners Wes Cormier, Frank Gordon and Vickie Raines reported on lots and lots of both. On lots and lots of topics. A brief sampling:

  • Fisheries (Gordon)
  • Transit authority (All)
  • League of Women Voters candidates forum (Gordon)
  • Westport car show (Gordon)
  • Kurt Cobain event (Gordon)
  • Brady block watch (Cormier)
  • Media day at the fair grounds (Cormier)

And yep, it’s been mighty dry lately, hasn’t it?

The best part? All the free chocolate kisses you can scarf.

This afternoon the commishes approved two forestry award bids and contracts. One was to Murphy Company for East Fork Humptulips No. 6 sale in the amount of $1,213,626.45. The other was an award bid and contract to Mt. St. Helens Evergreen “for the Salal Contract” in the amount of $41,770.11. An agreement with Pictometry International for Imagery Services for $197,573 was also approved. It includes LiDAR, Orthography and Obliques. If you want that in English, click here.

According to Assessor Dan Lindgren, pictometry aerial imagery services offers several applications besides those related to his office. They include law enforcement and forestry and natural disasters applications. The fly-over imaging is expected to improve efficiencies, produce a cost savings over time, and improve accuracy. Lindgren said the level of detail provided by Pictomery’s aerial imaging is a lot better and “obliques provide much more detailed information.”

Drone flying eye

Just for fun: Oblique imagery is” imagery captured at an angle to provide a more natural perspective, making objects easier to recognize and interpret. Images are captured from north, south, east and west directions to provide a 360-degree view of every property and parcel. Each pixel is georeferenced resulting in intelligent images that are actionable. This means users have the ability to interact with the image to measure and extract data,” according to the Pictometry web site.

Lindgren said the technology will also help the Forestry Department be more efficient. “Instead of cruising the property on a 200-acre site, they can get out the maps (created by aerial imaging) and look,” he said. Lindgren pointed to additional potential cost savings related to the Assessor’s office, saying there’s no need to send out an assessment crew on the ground if fly-over imaging indicates that buildings haven’t changed since the last fly-over.

If you’re wondering what’s up on the Floodplain Management front, have no fear.  French Wetmore of French & Associates, Ltd. in Steilacoom covered that puppy with a report and presentation this morning. This could affect your flood insurance premiums, so ya might want to listen up.

The report is titled Floodplain Management Analysis – Grays Harbor County. It’s dated September 16, 2014. The report is 23 pages and includes 12 sections including Flood Hazard Area Regulations, Flood Insurance Coverage and Flood Hazard Mitigation. If you want the whole smack, here it is:

 Grays Harbor Co FPM Analysis 9-16-14

You’re welcome.

And that’s a wrap.


Image credit: Drone flying eye  – Wikimedia. Creative Commons license.