Is ‘Montesano Today’ Missing the Mark on ‘Mayberry’?

Dontcha love Montesano Today? Joined at the hip to ex-Vidette ed and Vini Samuel operative Steven Friederich, affectionately dubbed Prince Valiant, Tommy Terrific is as loveable as they come. I mean, really. What’s not to love? If ya don’t have anything better to do – like breathe – you might check out some of the charm dished out by Mr. Vini Lite. Like when he:

  • Claims that our fair prince is under attack by his former paper and the new editor (oh, the horror!)
  • Attacks a neighboring city (How dare a resident of Montesano comment on Aberdeen doin’s! The same can be said of Princely, right? Haven’t these kids ever heard of the Montesano Maginot Line?)
  • Accuses the Vidette of publishing “complete falsehoods” (insert laugh track here)

Such a sweetheart.

Well, shucks. Didn’t Prince Valiant and his faithful bosun, Smee, get the Mommy Memo on how to treat newcomers to Mayberry? At least Princely doesn’t have to pretend to be an objective journalist anymore. That must be a relief.

Don’t look now folks, but a fresh wind of professionalism is blowing through Vidette offices. Finally. A “new editor” is actually doing his job instead of using it to grind a personal axe.

Welcome to the Harbor, Corey. Don’t let these guys scare you away.



Photo credit: Public domain