Montesano Resident Urges Support for Vidette Editor

By Emery Haggin
If you Google the words “Sour Grapes,” you may well see a picture of The Three Amigos: Seven Friederich, Tom Fredriksen, and Doug Streeter.  All three of these individuals epitomize the meaning of this well-known term.
Steven, former editor of the Montesano Vidette, and his faithful sidekick Tom, who wrote a column for the paper, were not invited back when new owners took over the paper. They just can’t get over losing their jobs and it’s stuck in their craw. They are now trying to make a career out of bashing the new editor Corey Morris.
Doug Streeter, former Monte Councilman, who lost his bid for Mayor against Ken Estes in the last election, is another fine example. Estes swamped Streeter by winning nearly 70% of the vote.  Streeter has been campaigning against the Mayor ever since.
I’m sure Corey was not prepared for the vicious personal attacks he is receiving from these two former employees.
I think our new editor is a breath of fresh air. He does not have a personal agenda and is bending over backwards to be fair impartial in this election.  Corey needs our support. He sure has mine.
 P.S.: Remember to vote. Ballots are due back on August 4. – Ed.
Photo credit: Tom Maack, Creative Commons license.