Around the Grays Harbor County Commission in 90 Seconds

Cnty Admin Bldg

There’s lots going on over at the county commission these days.

A bird’s eye view of recent commissioner activity includes business forums, the Chehalis Basin work group, goal setting meetings and a dunk tank (Vickie Raines). The West Coast Salmon Partnership, meeting in Ocean Shores regarding non-profits and parks, an Ocean Shores League of Women Voters Forum (Frank Gordon).  Greater Grays Harbor business forum, strategic planning, working in the office (Wes Cormier).

The Sheriff’s Office is losing two senior deputies.  A hire request by Sheriff Rick Scott for a Lateral Deputy Sheriff was approved this morning by unanimous vote.

And guess what? About a million people crammed into the conference room this morning related to an “entrance conference” meeting a la the State Auditor’s Office. There wasn’t a spare seat in the house. Areas to be evaluated by the SAO include:

  • Open public meetings
  • General revenue and expenditures
  • Financial condition
  • Restricted funds (cost allocation-equipment rental & reserve fund, county roads fund , recording fees)
  • Citizen concern-procurement
  • Commissioner travel
  • Small and attractive assets
  • Payroll
  • District Court
  • Fairgrounds
  • Budget compliance
  • Disbursements

If you’re dying to find out what said audit will cover en toto – or can’t round up the Sominex – check out the links below. The entrance document is about four pages.





An exit conference is expected in early September.

Meanwhile, ever try to record a deed, marriage license, or pretty much anything at the county auditor’s office? Ever wonder where those 72 $macker$ go? Behold, the breakdown (note that the county only retains $5.00):

Recording Fee Page 1

Recording Fee Page 2

Is this fun, or what?