10+ Ways to Spot A Liberal Dude


Let’s face it, ladies. Liberal men make the worst dates.

Unless your version of Prince Charming is a whiny, self-absorbed petulant who needs a road map to figure out which way the wind is blowing and thinketh more government is The Answer to everything – and if it is, what’s wrong with you? –  you’re better off staying home watching Jane Austen flicks with the dog.

Here are 10 ways to spot a liberal loser a mile away*. From the “New Voices” video series by Dinesh D’Souza.

*Conservelocity’s 10 Dead Giveaways:

  1. He’s 40 years old and lives in his mother’s basement.
  2. He wears the likeness of a bereted Cuban commie on his T-shirt and doesn’t have a clue who he’s promoting.
  3. He thinks the First Amendment applies only to him and his ideological cronies.
  4. He thinks the Second Amendment applies only to hunters and “militia.”
  5. He has no opinion on Amendments 3 thru 10 cuz he can’t count that high.
  6. He couldn’t spell “Constitution” if he tripped over it.
  7. His favorite new word is “microaggression” – and probably can’t spell that, either.
  8. He prefers cumquats, guavas and couscous to a New York steak – and insists you do likewise.
  9. He’s perenially exhausted from being *offended* at everyone and everything. All. The. Time.
  10. He’s so busy being “open-minded” that he has nothing but wind whistling between his ears.

What would you add?




Photo credit: Wikipedia. Public Domain.