Planned Parenthood, William Willberforce and You

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Unless you’ve been in a cave or the dark side of the moon lately, you know about the “controversial” videos that have recently surfaced exposing Planned Parenthood for what it is: death merchants posing as “women’s health” providers.

In case you’ve been doing that Rip van Winkle thing, the vids were produced by David Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress. I’m not going to rehash the particulars. Frankly, they make me want to throw up. And it’s not even lunchtime.

The supreme irony here may be the fact that these videos are “controversial” at all. Or that some people are actually surprised by this wretched stuff. To the latter I’d ask: What did you expect?

As society continues to decay and the Judeo-Christian ethic upon which essential liberty, dignity, and the rule of law are based is eroded, it is the weakest, most innocent and defenseless among us who pay the highest price. Bereft of a sturdy moral compass and essential guiding principles, society fails to behave in a civilized manner.

One of the benchmarks of a society in decline is its collective failure to protect those who need it most. They become prey for lawless, soul-less predators like Cleveland kidnapper and serial rapist Ariel Castro and abortionist Kermit Gosnell. Or ISIS. Or, in this case, Dr. Deborah Nucatola and Company. With your tax dollars. (For more on this, see Isn’t it Time?)

Perhaps the only thing sicker than Nucatola and Company is the shoulder-shruggish response this grisly trade has elicited in some quadrants. (Hi, Hillary and Bernie.) That, and the ostrich approach. Stick your head in the sand and either pretend it’s not happening or that we can’t do anything to stop it.

To that, I offer two words here: William Wilberforce. If that name doesn’t ring a bell, it should. He’s one of the greatest statesmen and freedom fighters in history. A member of Parliament, Wilberforce is credited for spearheading the effort to abolish the slave trade throughout the British Empire. It took 30 years and came at a high price. But he refused to give up or give in.

In response to those who shrug their shoulders or bury their heads in the sand regarding this latest assault on humanity, give a listen to Wilberforce:

“Sir, the nature and all the circumstances of this trade are now laid open to us; we can no longer plead ignorance, we can not evade it; it is now an object placed before us, we can not pass it; we may spurn it, we may kick it out of our way, but we can not turn aside so as to avoid seeing it; for it is brought now so directly before our eyes that this House must decide, and must justify to all the world, and to their own consciences, the rectitude of the grounds and principles of their decision.”

On the Horrors of the Slave Trade, speech delivered in the House of Commons, 1789.

This is where we are today with the barbaric practices of Planned Parenthood. Make no mistake. The trade in unborn baby parts is every bit as evil as the slave trade.

Now that we know, we can no longer plead ignorance. We can not evade it. It is now an object placed before us. We can not pass it. We may spurn it. We may kick it out of our way. But we can not turn aside so as to avoid seeing it.

Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA) has introduced legislation to defund Planned Parenthood. If you live in the People’s Republic of Washington, you can help by contacting Senators Patty Moron and Maria Can’t-oh-Well and having your say on the matter. Be polite. But firm. (Good luck getting thru to Cantwell.) Find out more ways to take action here.

One other thing. Yesterday I received an email from “Save Animals Facing Extinction” (the good folks bringing us I-1401). The subject line? “Need friends to help STOP the murder and exploitation of animals.”

Well, guess what? If we can’t stop the murder and exploitation of preborn babies with the same passion with which we protect animals, trees or the environment, what the heck is wrong with us? And oh yeah. If you vote Democrat, you’re part of the problem.

Three more words and a final thought: We The People. This is our fight. What are you going to do?


Amazing Grace tells part of the Wilberforce story. Uneven in places, it’s still worth the time: